Monday, July 13, 2015


I know ladies aren't supposed to talk about fashion, it is just distraction from real topics but I have an issue! I am giving away every pair of heels I have basically. I can't get rid of my wedding shoes because they are beautiful just to look at. But I have accepted that I truly can't deal with putting all of my weight on the ball of my foot. Fine, I can wear flats to work right? NO! I can't even find flats to wear! I have read internet reviews about how to deal with them cutting into the back of your ankles. I can deal with that by putting on bandaids and/or just lining the shoe itself with moleskin. What I can't fix or deal with is the blisters or just straight cuts that I get on my toes. Sometimes my pinkie toe is squished. Sometimes it just rubs the top of my foot raw. I get cuts on the top of the ball of my big toe. Do I have abnormally fat feet? Are they too tall to wear flats WTF! I have tried comfort brands like Naturalizer, Dr. Scholls, Aerosoles no luck! My best bet is wearing rocketdog stupid silk flats which have no bottom. Even my pair of crummy flat ones from the Gap fit-ish but the ribbon they used on the edges rub. So really my only option is to carry shoes with me. I like an actual bottom to my shoe so I won't feel every rock I step on. My best flat ever was probably Chinese Laundry Varsha Glacier and they don't have them anymore. The sole is a big giant hole in my pair. I didn't realize it was such a problem otherwise I would have just bought more. I refuse to even try any pair of flats with elastic. I don't want my shoes to come curled up because that means there is no bottom.
At this point I am up for trying anything. I am starting to look at the uglier end of the spectrum at these types of flats with almost sneaker style soles.
I can't wear booties with a skirt all summer otherwise I would just do that but it isn't a good look.

After I find a pair of flats, I can go back to hunting for a pair of leather sandals with a strap. Ugh I can't even remember how many pairs I have sent back to Zappos at this point.

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